Security & CCTV


Security and protection has never been more important! The team at N&B wants to help you protect your family. There are many reasons why your family would benefit from our camera setups. It is a “must have” device for your home and something you should truly invest in. Family is so important, so there are many reasons why you should install CCTV systems to protect them from any potential threats. Not only can record footage on your device, but, you can also replay and export footage too! The key principal for any electronic security system is that it must detect, delay and respond to any physical threats. N&B understands how important it is to install trustworthy devices that follows this principal.



There are many different types of Security systems that provide overall protection of your property such as: A Closed circuit television, that automatically views, monitors and records your surrounding area of concern. This system has a 3 main components, the camera, which is the recording device itself. The recorder, to capture footage and the workstation to view the footage. These features are available on your mobile phone or computer by using an app.

The second type of residential security and CCTV system are intrusion detection systems. These are slightly more “high-tech” and include more sophisticated features. Unwanted movement can trigger an alarm system that uses a PCU (premise control unit) to monitor the status of the alarm system. This system allows police officers to deactivate the alarm once they have been contacted. Both these systems are highly affective and the N&B greatly recommend you contact us with any more questions about our state of the art Security devices.

Clean energy council (cec)

As accredited CEC electricians, we possess the expertise and knowledge required to ensure the smooth operation of your solar system. From meticulous planning and precise installation to thorough testing and ongoing maintenance, our team is dedicated to delivering a flawless solar experience.

clean energy council accreditation