Pool & Spa Electrical Systems


There is nothing quite like jumping into a cool pool in your own backyard! That is why you must be well prepared this summer. Nathan and Brad are very passionate about preparing families for a blisteringly hot Aussie summer. By maintaining the electrical aspect of your backyard pool, it is less likely to lead to a hazard. If faults do occur, they can put the users at risk of electrical shock. Which is why, here at N&B, we will discuss the power requirements to safely operate on your pool and/or spa. We will also ask, whether or not, existing electrical equipment is present to remove them from the area.



It is not hard for a fault to occur in water circulation pumps and motors. That is why electric shock is far more common than you may have previously thought. According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, between 2002 and 2018 there were 42 incidents resulting in injury or death. Because of this risk, it is important to know the different signs of electric shock. These include, a tingling sensation, muscle spasms and in extreme cases, paralysis. To be greater prepared this summer you must do the following. Make sure to remove all metal items within arms reach of the swimmer and ensure they are electrically bonded to the main earthing system of the premises.

Electrical bonding must be carried out by a licensed electrical contractor like us! Because, it is our responsibility to comply with Clause of Australian Standard AS/NZS 3000:2018. It is vital that electrical work in and around a body of water is handled with absolute care and expertise. Therefore, you should allow N&B to take the pressure of you and your family this summer. Let us to take care of you electrical needs. Call us today for a Free Quote or visit our website!

Clean energy council (cec)

As accredited CEC electricians, we possess the expertise and knowledge required to ensure the smooth operation of your solar system. From meticulous planning and precise installation to thorough testing and ongoing maintenance, our team is dedicated to delivering a flawless solar experience.

clean energy council accreditation