Energy Efficient Upgrades


Do you still have old, outdated lighting fixtures? These lights not only use a lot of power but could also be a potential fire hazard waiting to happen!  N&B Electrical Solutions also install timers, sensor controlled lighting and work alongside solar contractors. This is for the installation of a solar system at your home or workplace.


Benefits of Energy Efficiency Upgrades

By upgrading your old lighting to new, energy efficient, LED lighting, your energy bills decrease by as much as 85%! It also reduces heat, increases light output and reduces the possibility of fire, all while improving the look and value of your home or workplace! Almost every household across Australia use an LED outlet setup, as previous lightbulbs, such as incandescent and fluorescent versions have become outdated.

Our carbon footprint has been a topic in great discussion in recent decades. Depending on the size of our carbon footprint, you may be heavily contributing to climate change. Technological innovations such as solar panels and LED lighting, allow us to reduce this footprint and lead a sustainable lifestyle. Solar panels are very beneficial in their long-term cost savings and overall property value so don’t miss out on this chance to be on top of your overall energy production. Let the sun work in your favour!

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Clean energy council (cec)

As accredited CEC electricians, we possess the expertise and knowledge required to ensure the smooth operation of your solar system. From meticulous planning and precise installation to thorough testing and ongoing maintenance, our team is dedicated to delivering a flawless solar experience.

clean energy council accreditation